Come Experience the World of Micael Marcus!

International makeup artist Michael Marcus launched his namesake cosmetics line, michaelmarcus, in 1999, after a successful career working for several top retailers.

Marcus’ motivation to develop a product collection emerged through conversations he found himself repeatedly having with women he met across the country, many of whom were requesting more color on their faces. “I want color! I want corals, pinks, and reds, not browns. I don’t want to look washed out,” they told him.

Marcus’ philosophy is that women of all ages can wear any color they want and shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. It’s no surprise then, that the michaelmarcus collection features a brilliant palate of colors, hues and shades customized to complete every woman’s individual style.

Michael Marcus is committed to making the world a more beautiful place, which includes leaving a clean environment behind.
REDUCE: Simple, straight forward, multitasking products
REUSE: Casing for most cosmetics are refillable
RECYCLE: Recyclable packaging for skincare
RESPONSIBILITY: Ethical commitment to sustainability