A legacy reimagined.

Since its inception in 1955, The Holiday has been more than a store; it's been a fashion statement, a home, a revolution. Founded by the visionary trio of Ruby West Twitty, Dorothy Haas Myers, and Donna Feore, The Holiday was a trailblazing answer to a void in women's fashion. It wasn't just the first of its kind in the area – it was a bold embrace of style, confidence, and individuality.
Through the years, the waves of fashion ebbed and flowed, yet The Holiday stood firm. Its commitment to exceptional products, a welcoming ambiance, and unparalleled customer service turned it into a beacon of timeless elegance. Ownership may have shifted in 1985 to Nancy Brock, Perry Stewart, and Cornelia Feore, but the shop's essence remained untouched.
Fast forward to today, and The Holiday has been lovingly reinvented by Mary Lacey Zeiders and Sarah Thomas. With the heartbeat of "A legacy reimagined," they have rebranded, renovated, and curated a fresh selection of brands, transforming The Holiday into an icon for the modern woman. The allure of the past mingles with contemporary designs, inviting a new generation to experience the magic of The Holiday.
Join us on this exciting journey. Explore, shop, and become part of The Holiday's rich tapestry, where tradition meets innovation and fashion becomes an everlasting celebration
Get to know our fabulous owners!

 After purchasing the beloved store 5 years ago, Mary Lacey Zeiders and Sarah Settle have set out to continue the tradition of providing unparalleled service, curated collections from newborn to grandmother of the bride, all with the classic style that Mobile is known for. Get to know our CEOs a little better!


What Inspired You to Buy the Holiday?
The Holiday has been a beloved women's fashion store in our community since 1955. When the opportunity arose for Mary Lacey and Sarah to continue this legacy, it was a natural step, fueled by their love for fashion and their appreciation for classic, enduring style. They recognized the chance to keep The Holiday's special blend of tradition and elegance thriving.

How Do You Choose the Styles and Pieces for Your Collection?
Selecting the pieces for The Holiday involves recognizing the unique style of the Southern woman and staying in touch with the latest trends. It's a process of exploration and careful curation, seeking out brands and styles that resonate with our customers. Each piece is chosen to reflect the balance of timeless grace and modern sensibility that The Holiday is known for.

What's Your Favorite Part About Running Your Store?
The true joy of owning The Holiday comes from engaging with our loyal clients, helping them find those perfect pieces that enhance their wardrobe and confidence. We focus on providing an approachable and welcoming shopping experience, ensuring that every visit feels personal and satisfying.

If Your Store Were a Wardrobe Staple, What Would It Be and Why?
If The Holiday could be represented by a piece of clothing, it would be a colorful statement dress, complemented by an eye-catching fascinator. This pairing symbolizes what The Holiday stands for: a combination of bold style and timeless elegance. It's about celebrating individuality while honoring tradition, mirroring our store's philosophy.