Creativity is Power Pencils


Unlock your creative superpowers with this set of ten graphite pencils!

Featuring colorful, eye-catching patterns by artist Lisa Congdon on the barrels, these pencils are sure to help you accomplish your best work yet—whether you are writing, drawing, drafting, or doodling.

There's nothing better than a fresh set of pencils. The Creativity Is Power graphite pencils make a great gift for the future novelist, keen artist, or dedicated diarist in your life.

Lisa Congdon is a beloved creator whose social media platform continues to grow—she's amassed 446K Instagram followers to date. These fun and inspiring graphite pencils will bring delight and inspiration to longtime fans of her work as well as those just discovering Congdon's signature style.

With vibrant patterns and striking designs adorning their barrels, these pencils will liven up any desk or drafting table. From homework and list-making to journaling and drawing—why not do it with style?